About Integrity: A User's Manual

“Integrity:  The state of being whole and undivided; the condition of being unified, unimpaired or sound”

We all think we have integrity, but actually, most of us make small ethical compromises constantly. Then, we construct elaborate systems of justification to persuade ourselves that we “have integrity” even as we breach it.

This User's Manual will redefine the meaning of personal integrity by looking at the “small” breaches of integrity we commit in the course of everyday life and the huge consequences that result.  

The User's Manual will guide you through the fog of misconceptions, illusions and evasions that deprive our lives of authenticity and contentment. 

It offers a way to transform our personal lives, as well as the life or our nation, by focusing on “small things.”  

Welcome to the world of small things and its laws. 

Stu Brody

Stu is Founder of IntegrityIntensive (www.integrityintensive.com), a consulting firm concentrating on ethics, integrity, and leadership training. His speeches and workshops have brought his insights on the practice of integrity to thousands across the country. 

He draws from more than thirty years as a former political leader and advisor to prominent political figures, including Presidential candidates.   

In his career as a lawyer he appeared before the Supreme Court and has written numerous articles on labor relations, dispute settlement and mediation.

He has held numerous public offices  including Ethics Officer for New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation. He has taught ethics at The State University of New York (SUNY) and the University of Arizona and is a Senior Scholar at SUNY's Institute for Ethics in Public Life.

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