Making a gift to others of the talent that someone saw in you

The person you are about to meet is extraordinary. At 22, she is about to receive her master’s degree in Public Administration and is the author of nine published novels.  How refreshing to hear from a young adult who takes seriously her responsibility for civility, integrity, and leadership as a role model for young people.  I am proud to introduce my colleague, Rita Redswood.  

The Law of Small Things:
Make a gift to others of the talent that someone saw in you and helped you develop.

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The Law of Small Things

Most of us take our integrity for granted. As a result, a false confidence distorts our decision-making as individuals, in business and in our nation. The big breaches of integrity we see all around us—that we tend to blame on others—can be addressed by the “practice” of integrity as a learned skill, in our individual relationships, our workplaces and in our nation.

But first, we have to let go of the illusion that we “have” integrity as a matter of intuition and that we are innately ready for big things without practicing on small things.

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