Keynotes & Speeches

Integrity Intensive grew out of the unique teaching model that Stu developed as a lawyer, political leader and professor of ethics. His practice expanded as he applied the model to specific industries and clients nationwide.

All of our speeches focus on a unique methodology, which makes integrity choices clear and understandable. Our speeches and keynotes provide your attendees the means to see integrity challenges clearly and to practice integrity consistently and confidently.

Stu has spoken to the following organizations:

- Utah Association of Counties (convention keynote)
- Pennsylvania County Commissioners (convention keynote)
- Texas Association of Counties (convention keynote)
- Florida Association of Counties (keynote)
- New York State Association of Counties
- New York State Conference of Mayors
- New York State Association of Towns
- New York State Economic Development Corporation
- New York City Chamber of Commerce
- Wall Street Human Resources Association
- National Association of County Officials
- American Management Association
- Society for Human Resources Management
- Healings in Motion (caregivers) of California

...more upon request.

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