“In life—in your heart—Integrity. Want some?”

One of the questions I frequently get during my public appearances and workshops is: what really is the value of practicing integrity.  In my November 16, 2018 blog post https://www.integrityintensive.com/blog/myth, I observed:

“If you want to practice integrity, you will have to resist the habits of a culture that treats embarrassment, not truthfulness, as the touchstone of integrity; that deploys a rich vernacular of self-interest to override duty; that embraces rampant promise-breaking as inconsequential; and that glorifies the imaginary wellspring of intuition as a reliable basis for decision-making. In other words, you will have to defy a cultural environment that encourages you to breach integrity, even as it proclaims its importance.”

Overcoming deeply entrenched cultural conventions is not an easy task, so it is understandable if you ask, “Why bother practicing integrity if staying out of trouble and defying detection is all the culture really demands?”

The short answer is that integrity is essentially about authenticity. It is an understanding of who we are, not as the culture defines us, or ensnares us, but as we know ourselves to be, or aspire to be.  Integrity is an understanding of our truest nature as human beings participating in and contributing to our relationships. That’s why the practice of integrity is so rewarding.  

But, as with most things worth pursuing, it is difficult because it requires constant attention to our responsibilities in the world. There is no aspect of our involvement with others that is inconsequential. Nothing we say or do is inconsequential or “small.” This responsibility does not have to overwhelm us but it does invite us to embrace the power of truthfulness as a resource of authenticity in our daily lives.

To share this perspective, I’ve been invited on several radio programs featuring the spiritual basis of the practice of integrity.  I would like to share two of these with you.  

“Things Not Seen,” a Chicago-based radio program hosted by David Dault, explores issues of culture and faith. This in-depth exploration of the cultural and spiritual affliction caused by integrity breaches was aired on February 11, 2019.  It is titled, Integrity Without Limits and can be heard at:


“The God Show” based in Phoenix, Arizona, and hosted by Pat McMahon is a widely heard program on spiritual matters. I was Pat’s guest on Sunday, February 3, 2019. The interview is titled:  In life—in your heart—Integrity. Want some? It can be heard at:


I will be commenting more on this important perspective about integrity.  As always, I would very much appreciate your thoughts.

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The Law of Small Things

Most of us take our integrity for granted. As a result, a false confidence distorts our decision-making as individuals, in business and in our nation. The big breaches of integrity we see all around us—that we tend to blame on others—can be addressed by the “practice” of integrity as a learned skill, in our individual relationships, our workplaces and in our nation.

But first, we have to let go of the illusion that we “have” integrity as a matter of intuition and that we are innately ready for big things without practicing on small things.

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