Stuart H. Brody

Founder, Integrity Intensive

Stu Brody has served prominently in law, politics and academia.  He has appeared before the Supreme Court, written numerous articles on dispute settlement and employee relations, advised Presidential candidates, served as counsel to state government on ethics and lectures nationally on matters of ethics and integrity.

What is Integrity Intensive?

Integrity Intensive offers keynotes, speeches, workshops, books, and consulting to teach the modern practice of integrity.  We teach business professionals and political leaders to fulfill the duties of integrity as a skill with distinct elements learned through practice, starting with small things, rather than assuming right actions are intuitive and simply a matter of will. We educate decision makers with programs that are entertaining, richly anecdotal and uniquely educational.  

We offer speeches, workshops, consulting and written guides, all offering our unique method of decision-making in business, politics and every-day life.

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