Test your IQ

• There are only two choices you can make in each question.
• Assume that all the information you need to answer the question is included in the question.
• Check the box marked “This is okay to do. This is NOT a breach of integrity” if the scenario described is NOT a breach of integrity.
• Check the box marked “This is not okay. This IS a breach of integrity” if the scenario described IS a breach of integrity.
• Once you’ve completed the quiz, add up your totals.

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2. When you fall behind on your calls or emails, you generally do not make the effort to let the persons trying to reach you know that you are delayed in responding but will get back to them as soon as you can.

3. Once in a while, not all the time, but sometimes just between friends, you find yourself exaggerating events in your life—only slightly, only occasionally, and with no intent to deceive.

4. Your best friend, a partner in a prosperous banking firm, comes to town a few times a year. He insists on taking you out to dinner on his company’s expense account saying that his firm neither knows nor cares that this is a personal, not a business expense. You let him pay.

5. As a public employee you received a twenty percent discount on your smart phone. Now you are leaving public service for a lucrative job in the private sector where the discount is unavailable but you fail to cancel the discount you are no longer entitled to receive.?

6. As you drive to work every day, you stop at a convenience store and buy coffee at the Dunkin’ Donuts concession there. You become friendly with the servers, and they have started giving you free coffee. You say nothing.

7. At a local sporting event, an important client starts speaking to you during the playing of the national anthem but you don’t feel comfortable telling him to be quiet and you say nothing.

8. Visiting New York City, you see a street vendor selling designer label suits at a fraction of what you know to be the retail cost, and you buy one.

9. You are on the road a lot, driving long stretches of highway with few cars around. You have an excellent driving record and you just don’t see the harm in texting, and you do so.

10. Your stock portfolio consists mainly of mutual funds. You never check to see whether any of the funds owns stock in companies whose environmental, employment, or other practices you oppose.

11. You claim a hole in one after taking a Mulligan on your first shot.

12. You accept a copied DVD from a friend.

13. You listen to public TV or public radio without contributing.

14. At a dinner party, someone asks your opinion on gun control. Because of your strong views on the subject you know you will spark a sharp debate that may disrupt the party, but you express your views anyway.

15. You get a stock tip from a friend after being assured that there is absolutely no risk of the tip being traced to you.

16. You walk into Starbucks, get your coffee and sit down at a table, purposely spreading out your belongings so that no one will sit down next to you.

17. At a big city art museum, you attach yourself to a guided group so you can take advantage of the expertise of the guide.

18. The head of a local charity promises to help your daughter get a job so you feel obligated to make a sizable pledge to the charity. But he never gets back to you or lifts a finger to help your daughter. You lower your pledge amount.

19. You treat a rental car with less care than you do your own.

20. A big meeting is coming up at work. Waiting until the night before to prepare, you remember you promised your daughter to attend her basketball game that night. You skimp on preparation and attend the game.

21. When uncertain about the recycling rules, you often don’t bother to figure them out and just throw recyclable material into the general garbage bin.

22. You are an exceptionally good amateur tennis player in an important match. Your opponent makes a great shot down the line but the judge blows the call, declaring it out when it was clearly in. You accept the point without correcting him.

23. A big client is the campaign treasurer for a political candidate whom you don’t support, and he asks you if you wouldn’t mind making a donation.  He insists there’s no pressure; only if you want to.  And you make the donation.

24. You land a good job, although not your first choice, and a condition of being hired is a two-year commitment. You accept, then after six months your first choice comes through, and you take it.

25. Your boss tells you that a layoff of a close coworker is imminent and swears you to secrecy. You know that the coworker is about to commit to a huge mortgage he cannot afford if laid off. You don’t say anything to your coworker.

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